A Glimpse of Fall

I walked out of the house this morning to find the driveway freckled with leaves the color of earth. There was a cool crispness in the air, and as I looked out toward the woods in the distance, I saw a lone tree standing out pink and blazing red against the collective green of its neighbors.

For the first time this year, autumn was in the air.

Part of me relished the coolness. I felt the exhilaration that always comes with the changing of seasons. Fall is one of my favorite times of year with its fiery colors, its crispness, its cool evenings that beckon sweaters and bonfires, friends and music. And, of course, its wardrobe. My boots have been getting lonely in the back of the closet all summer…but I’m not quite ready for them.

As I stood in the driveway, breathing in the fresh crisp air, I felt myself resisting. I wasn’t prepared to give summer up yet.

So I did what I always do when I want to make myself feel better. I made a list.

My end-of-summer list

Make wine-and-berry popsicles and eat in the hot afternoon sun
Make chocolate-covered strawberries and eat by candlelight
Sandy feet and ocean wave kisses
Tan line
Wear my favorite sundress
Laughter in the pool
Walk barefoot in the grass
Read in the sun

Then, I'll be ready to go digging for those boots.

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